The World’s first completely biodegradable brew-filter for drip coffee

everything here - including the thread used to stitch it is biodegradable

Easy as 1-2-3!

 Check out this great 6 second video that shows you how this disposable biodegradable brew-filter can be deployed to brew anywhere anytime with as many simultaneous brews as you desire; make 1 cup, 2 cups or start a third half way through 1 and 2

About Us

Committed to Quality Manufacturing

Our commitment to quality is unabashed; edoCups are sewn one at a time.

We want that Specialty cup of coffee to taste absolutely perfect and devoid of the adulteration of other disposable brew solutions.

US Patent # 9282847

Committed to Quality materials

We believe quality should never be a compromise. On the left observe our quality non-chlorine bleached filter paper; on the right a more traditional paper infused with heat releasing glue which will adulterate a perfect cup

Share anywhere/any time, without having to first consider logistics

Imagine being able to share that Specialty cup of coffee instead of having to try and describe it

About Specialty Coffee

What is Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee is defined as coffee that scores at or over a score of 85/100. The process of scoring coffee like fine wine was invented more than 20 years ago by Kenneth Davids and Ron Walters 

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Why is the edoCup making a difference

Fresh Specialty Coffee can be priced and brewed by the cup, limiting waste; the cup works for cold or hot water processes; bulk pricing for a specialty item seems counterintuitive; the world’s first biodegradable drip coffee maker. Brew amazing pour over coffee

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What if I told you

That if you were able to price and drink Specialty Coffee by the cup/dose that it was actually cheaper than you thought?

That a cup of organic Kona is about $1.70/cup and Jamaica Blue Mountain not much more than $2/cup!

Because of logistics, waste and bulk pricing we don’t notice that the coffee is the cheapest thing in the cup; often cheaper than the disposable cup itself

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